50 Ways Universities are
Partnering for Stronger Communities

Ontario’s universities strive to be much more than centres of learning. They believe in being good neighbours, anchored firmly in the fabric of their local communities and the wider province. Existing campuses support hundreds of thousands of jobs and stimulate local economies, while new campuses help revitalize struggling communities and create new employment.

Beyond their economic impact, universities are partnering to improve the quality of life for every member of their community, by contributing research, expertise, ideas and community service, as well as their spaces and resources.

Whether it’s working together on better health care or transit services, mentoring at-risk groups, helping farmers feed Ontarians, or protecting the province’s natural resources, universities are committed to partnering for a healthy and thriving province for all the people of Ontario.

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Ontario’s universities have a $115-billion impact on Ontario’s economy, much of which takes the form of spending in our communities.
“Postsecondary completely changed our culture, it completely changed our focus. It has been the catalyst for the revitalization we are seeing throughout the entire city.”
Chris Friel
Mayor of Brantford
More than 10,000 students graduate each year from a variety of university health programs, who help provide our communities with quality health care.